January’s Dragon’s Breath

Howdy Fellow Kickers!!! Welcome to the latest edition of “Dragon’s Breath!”

This month we will be discussing determination and perseverance. Determination is deciding it is worth it to finish the goal you started. Perseverance is the overcoming of those obstacles that may have stood in your way to keep you from having that determination.

What sort of obstacles might keep you from persevering? Mental attitude may be one.  Let’s look at the prestigious goal of achieving Black Belt. That path is not an easy one, by no means. It takes years of blood, sweat, & tears to accomplish such a goal. To have the tenacity to stick with what you started no matter how tough it gets is the meat and potatoes of perseverance.

It also takes determination to do the right thing. Even if it is harder than (which is usually more often than not) doing the opposite.  To stand up for what is right when no one else will also takes great determination.

Just remember that, when things get tough and goals seem to be almost impossible to accomplish, true Black Belt determination and perseverance means never giving up no matter what. If Edison had given up the 9,999th time (it took over 10,000 tries) attempting to invent the light bulb then we would have possibly spent many more years by candlelight.

It pays in the long run to have determination. In what ways, you may ask: Achievement of a goal, increased self-esteem, confidence that you can accomplish anything, self-discipline, and an indomitable spirit.


Stay Focused,

Mr. Richard