Combat Sambo

Mr. Cummings’ martial arts journey started at the age of sixteen years old in judo. For 3 years Mr. Cummings trained and competed in many tournaments. He received his black belt in judo when he was 19 years old. At 20 years old Mr. Cummings, in 1996, met Master Mani Javaheri. Sensi Mani taught him many mixed styles such as, kuk-sul-kido, top karate full contact, aki-jiujitsu, and judo. For ten years he trained under Sensi Mani. In 2001 Mr. Cummings’ travels took him to Ocala, FL where he trained with Master Marc Sanchez in judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He also traveled to Birmingham, AL where he first started with Sambo coach Chris Mayger and over seas Sambo coach Ian Melacheck. Mr. Cummings is part of the American Sambo Association and Senior Chief of the Box Fighting U.S.A. Association.


Carlos MMA Fight Record MMA:

Carlos grappling Record:
30 Submission grappling tournaments
2001- Birmingham Judo Heavyweight Champion
2007 – February – Aaron Hensley second place runner-up

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